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Taniya Hattersfield: Blood Sacrifice for Beyonce

Taniya Hattersfield: Blood Sacrifice for Beyonce

Taniya Hattersfield, 23, who committed suicide as a sacrifice to popular R&B singer Beyonce, will be honored postmortem by The National Church of Bey.

Church founder Pauline John Andrews stated that Hattersfield’s act showed true bravery and a sincere belief that surpasses the understanding of “typical judgmental Christians.”

“We will honor Taniya Hattersfield, who presented her body as the ultimate sacrifice to our Divine Mother Bey. Her actions showed true bravery and a dedication to her cause that these typical judgmental Christians are unable to appreciate or understand,” Andrews stated. “Those people are unable to give completely to their God because they lack the true connection that we feel to our Divine Mother. Their God is not of the flesh and has never been seen, so it is impossible for them to be taken in the way Mother Bey entrances us. Stay your judgment, condemn your God, and offer your heart to the Divine Diva. It is only through her that you can be saved. We will celebrate and honor her bravery and memory.”

Andrews did say she will not allow other members of the flock to make that ultimate sacrifice, but only because it has brought too much negative press to The National Church of Bey.

Taniya Hattersfield was found dead in April of a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest. Her body was found in a pool of blood in the basement of the family home surrounded by hundreds of candles and a suicide note stuffed in her pants pocket. She lay at the steps of a homemade shrine to Beyoncé.

Her parents continue to voice their displeasure with their daughter’s decision to end her life. Jesse Hattersfield, Taniya’s father, stated they were invited to attend the ceremony, but have since declined. “We want nothing to do with those people. Frankly I think they are bat sh*t crazy, and one of those bastards brainwashed my daughter. We removed all memory of her from our home and want nothing more to do with this or her. She made her decision and will probably burn in hell for it, and rightfully so.”

The ceremony for Hattersfield is set to take place at a location and time known only to members of The National Church of Bey.

Article Credit: http://www.thenewsnerd.com/local/beyonce-sacrificer-taniya-hattersfield/


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