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Practice the Government’s Theology or Lose Accreditation

Practice the Government’s Theology or Lose Accreditation

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I’m in Los Angeles this weekend to speak about the war on religious liberty.

A theme I write about in my latest book God Less America and from Massachusetts comes another example of intolerance.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has given Gordon College 18 months to change their standards for sexual behavior or risk losing their accreditation.

The Christian college requires students to abstain from practicing sex outside of marriage along with practicing homosexuality.

I’m going to take a wild gander here and say the egg heads were more upset about the latter than the former. Seeing how the only folks you can discriminate against in this age of tolerance are people of faith.

And I suspect this will only be the first of many Christian schools that will be forced to renounce their faith and pledge their allegiance to the government’s theology.


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