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A PROFOUND JAW DROPPING FILM which exposes how OBAMA, BEYONCE, AND SEVERAL other influential individuals which are being used to

In Gog They Trust?

Book I of In Gog They Trust? shows from their own words how Muslim militants believe today that it is the Order

Inside Rock Music

The history behind the origins of modern pop / rock music, and it’s occult connections.

Leopard Vision

The forerunner takes a visually captivating journey into the shadows of the most influential organization in existence, and unearths the

National Sunday Law

A very well documented book, which systematically exposes the impending passage of a “National Sunday Law” in the United States of America.

Natural Remedies Encylopedia

This is hands down the BEST book on natural remedies period. In this new Edition, the nutrition and disease chapters have been enlarged and a research reports section added

Night Visions

A 3 day interview with Leo Zagami (33rd Degree Freemason, European Illuminati Grandmaster) This film exposes the illuminati, Jesuits, Obama,

Smoke Screen

This hard edge DVD unmasks the most monumental moves of the last decade to establish the NEW WORLD ORDER, which

The Evolution Handbook

This book simply crushes the false theory of evolution.

The Great Controversy

This amazing book outlines the little known history of the Bible and the protestant reformation that fought to keep the truth alive against the forces of the Papacy. From the Jesuit ran inquisition to the Final movements that will unite church & state in a one-world, global government… this book is an intense read!

The Jay-Z Deception

This documentary not only exposes that JAY-Z IS A FREEMASON…USING HARDCORE EVIDENCE, But, it will unmasks the DEEPER OCCULT NEW