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Ancient Prophecies About Mysticism Hollywood And the Music Industry

This volume is a comprehensive study about Revelation, Chapter 9, and how Jesus, through His apostle John, foretold Muhammad as a

Ancient Prophecies About The Dragon, The Beast and The False Prophet

This volume in centered around the Loud Cry of the Third Angel, which is found in Revelation, Chapters 14 and

Beware It’s Coming – The Antichrist 666

This volume is a prophetical, archaeological, and historical study into the prophecies about Christ and the Antichrist. Its documented pages

Christ’s Object Lessons

An insightful look at the parables of Jesus Christ.

In Gog They Trust?

Book I of In Gog They Trust? shows from their own words how Muslim militants believe today that it is the Order

Inside Rock Music

The history behind the origins of modern pop / rock music, and it’s occult connections.

National Sunday Law

A very well documented book, which systematically exposes the impending passage of a “National Sunday Law” in the United States of America.

Natural Remedies Encylopedia

This is hands down the BEST book on natural remedies period. In this new Edition, the nutrition and disease chapters have been enlarged and a research reports section added

The Evolution Handbook

This book simply crushes the false theory of evolution.

The Great Controversy

This amazing book outlines the little known history of the Bible and the protestant reformation that fought to keep the truth alive against the forces of the Papacy. From the Jesuit ran inquisition to the Final movements that will unite church & state in a one-world, global government… this book is an intense read!

The New Age Movement and The Illuminati 666

This volume is centered around the prophecies about the Beast from the Bottomless Pit and Occult-based secret societies, like Freemasonry,

The Real Story behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween

They are the three most popular holidays in all of the World... but where In the world did they come from??? This book documents the breathtaking historical origins of these three infamous days and thoroughly exposes the occult connections which they all share. You will never look at Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, and pumpkins the same again!