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The Great Controversy

This amazing book outlines the little known history of the Bible and the protestant reformation that fought to keep the truth alive against the forces of the Papacy. From the Jesuit ran inquisition to the Final movements that will unite church & state in a one-world, global government… this book is an intense read!

The New Age Movement and The Illuminati 666

This volume is centered around the prophecies about the Beast from the Bottomless Pit and Occult-based secret societies, like Freemasonry,

The Real Story behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween

They are the three most popular holidays in all of the World... but where In the world did they come from??? This book documents the breathtaking historical origins of these three infamous days and thoroughly exposes the occult connections which they all share. You will never look at Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, and pumpkins the same again!

The Real Truth Behind UFO’s and the New World Order Connection

This volume exposes the UFO phenomenon and, with overwhelming evidence from Bible prophecy, proves that it is SATAN, not JESUS, who is preparing to

Understanding Daniel and Revelation

A wonderful, easy-to-read book which will help any seeker of truth better understand the prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation.