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A Breach in The Matrix


Death of Protestantism

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An old evil has revived, and is seeking to regain its hold over the earth. A system of global power and influence, led out by a king who conquers through exercising serpent like prudence. Politicians, princes, and religious leaders are all compelled to acknowledge his enigmatic authority.  But there is one group, one endangered class of society that stands in its way of obtaining absolute dominance. In this DVD you will find out how the prophetic power known as the Beast or the Antichrist of Bible prophecy has now set the stage to wage a relentless war,that will result in the polarization of all the inhabitants of our world. When the dust settles…ON WHICH SIDE WILL YOU STAND?

Devils, Drugs and Dollars

This dvd exposes BIG PHARMA, THE ILLUMINATI, The CRASH of the GLOBAL ECONOMY, and more. Amazing INSIDER INTERVIEWS that you


A PROFOUND JAW DROPPING FILM which exposes how OBAMA, BEYONCE, AND SEVERAL other influential individuals which are being used to

Leopard Vision

The forerunner takes a visually captivating journey into the shadows of the most influential organization in existence, and unearths the

Night Visions

A 3 day interview with Leo Zagami (33rd Degree Freemason, European Illuminati Grandmaster) This film exposes the illuminati, Jesuits, Obama,

Smoke Screen

This hard edge DVD unmasks the most monumental moves of the last decade to establish the NEW WORLD ORDER, which

The Jay-Z Deception

This documentary not only exposes that JAY-Z IS A FREEMASON…USING HARDCORE EVIDENCE, But, it will unmasks the DEEPER OCCULT NEW

The Last Dragonocracy

CHURCH & STATE united in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will soon be a terrifying reality. This dvd exposes this

The New Face of Liberty

This DVD highlights the radical facelift that is now transforming the last frontier of liberty in our world. Everyone needs

The Woman and the Eternal Foundation

The Time of the End is Here… Which Army will you be standing with!!!

To Live & to Die for the Truth

A compilation of powerful truths, and timely eye opening information that person needs to be aware of!