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The new face of a “faceless” revolution…ANONYMOUS

The new face of a “faceless” revolution…ANONYMOUS

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Springing fourth out of the Occupy protests of the 99%, a neo-vigilante movement has been conceived that is wreaking mayhem on anyone that crosses the advance, not only of this grass roots revolution, but of whatever may be deemed as an indispensable asset of 99%. Their name is ANONYMOUS. “Their” is as sooting a pronoun as any to describe this leaderless movement, that identifies itself simply by a mask which was made very popular through its association with the anarchical exploits romanticized in the motion picture “V” for Victory, because this platoon of internet hackers have no leader or organized structure. However, when ANONYMOUS strikes, its actions can certainly not be describe as disorderly. Whoever they are, these guys are proficient and almost squeaky clean.

“I mean let’s be serious, if Bin Laden was C.I.A funded, what’s stops these masked men from being on Uncle Sam’s unofficial payroll?”

Their latest strike was a bold retaliation against federal authorities in display of their outrage for the C.I.A lead operation in shutting down In response, ANONYMOUS crippled F.B.I websites. In addition, in their past displays of outrage against local and government officials that were guilty of brutal treatment of peaceful Occupy protesters, ANONYMOUS dug up, and released via the internet, personal information of the figures involved. They have event went as far as to release nude pictures of police and government officials. These masked electronic marauders are no force to be scoffed at!

However, one must consider the ramifications of their conduct. As much as I have purposefully stayed away from using the following noun in this article, it honestly doesn’t take a ridiculous DHS lexicon of extremists to know that ANONYMOUS is categorized by our government as a digital terrorist faction. And therefore, to fight this new faceless “terror” the Department of Homeland Security has gained new leverage in their pursuit to make are free Internet no longer free. This is THESIS-ANTITHESIS-SOLUTION at its finest. And whether or not the government is responsible for the initiation of the THESIS remains debatable ( I mean let’s be serious, if Bin Laden was C.I.A funded, what’s stops these masked men from being on Uncle Sam’s unofficial payroll?). But, one thing is certain, Uncle Sam will have the last say in what the solution for situation will be. And it’s guaranteed, that the solution will be a big problem for all of us.

The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 4:7 “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer”. Brace yourselves ladies and gentleman, direct impact is eminent.


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